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Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the Student Support Network! All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and appreciated beyond measure by our team and by the students who benefit from them.


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How You Can Help

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Ways of Giving

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How You Can Help



Your gifts to Student Support Network’s Annual Fund provide vitally needed resources to support the programs and services offered throughout the year. With your support, we are able to provide food, basic necessities, and advocacy to support the well-being of Baltimore County Public School students in need.



Your commitment to support Student Support Network by a bequest or other gift in your financial or estate plans helps ensure the vitality of Student Support Network for years to come.  Such gifts are greatly appreciated.  You would be recognized – this year – as a Charter Member of the Student Support Network Legacy Society.



Two thirds of Baltimore County Public School students live in poverty. The Student Support Network is reaching Baltimore County’s urban, suburban and rural students in need.  And more students are turning to Student Support Network for resources than ever before.  For this reason, corporate sponsorships are becoming more popular among corporations looking to make a difference.



For many donors, the opportunity to make recurring gifts on a monthly basis – at whatever amount is appropriate for the donor – is an attractive and efficient way to support Student Support Network.  All who give a monthly gift of any amount are part of our Sustain Our Students program, and help us plan confidently for the future, so students can plan confidently for theirs.  To set up your monthly giving, click here.


Ways of Giving

There are a variety of ways available to you as you consider a gift in support of Student Support Network.  As a §501(c)(3) public charity, all charitable contributions to Student Support Network offer you tax-related advantages.



The most direct and convenient way to make a gift is by credit card online.  Click here to make your gift today.  Online giving to Student Support Network is fast and secure, and can be done using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. You may also mail a check, payable to Student Support Network to:

Student Support Network
1810-J York Road, #233
Lutherville, MD 21093



Many workplaces have programs to match their employees’ charitable contributions. Some matching gifts programs include gifts by retirees.  If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, please request a matching gift form (from your Human Resources office) and enclose it with your gift.  It’s a great way to double the value of your gift to Student Support Network.



Gifts from your Donor Advised Fund offer an easy way to support Student Support Network. You simply need to share our Federal ID Number and contact information (Wendy Stringfellow, Executive Director, Student Support Network, Inc. 1810-J York Road, #233, Lutherville MD 21093, 443-377-1959 with the administrator of your Donor Advised Fund when you recommend a grant to Student Support Network.



For donors who are 70 ½ and older, the U.S. IRS allows you to make a distribution directly from your IRA to Student Support Network for up to $100,000 per year.  For married couples, the limit is $200,000 per year.  Many donors do this each year as a way to satisfy the IRA’s Required Minimum Distribution rules.



Gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual fund accounts may provide considerable tax advantages when used to fund a charitable contribution to Student Support Network.  Gifts of appreciated – and depreciated – assets offer tax-related advantages.  For details on how to arrange for a gift of stock or other type of investment account, please click here.



Gifts to Student Support Network offer a special way to honor or remember family member and friends for whom support of the well-being of students in need in Baltimore County is an important cause in their lives.  You can indicate a desire to commemorate a special occasion (such as a memorial, a birthday, a wedding) by using the online form (Click here) or by including the appropriate information with a contribution mailed to:

Student Support Network
1810-J York Road, #233
Lutherville, MD 21093



There are a variety of other ways to support the mission and work of Student Support Network.   Through creative gift planning, you can make a gift that offers both significant tax advantages and opportunities to create new income streams for life. These gift ideas offer a chance to make immediate gifts or long-term commitments that align with your financial and estate plans.



You may have a life insurance policy that you purchased earlier in your life to protect your family and may no longer need.  There are several ways to use a life insurance policy to support Student Support Network.  You may:

  • Designate Student Support Network as the beneficiary (or partial beneficiary) of a life insurance policy. This offers no income tax benefit but it does offer estate tax advantages.


  • Donate a paid-up life insurance policy by naming Student Support Network as the owner and beneficiary.  This offers optimal tax advantages based on the policy’s cash value.


  • Give a policy that still requires premium payments.  In this case, the premium payments can be converted to annual – tax deductible – gifts to Student Support Network.



A simple provision in your Will or Trust in which you provide for a special gift from your estate to support Student Support Network.

Sample Bequest Language
The suggested language for a bequest to Student Support Network:

“I <Name> of <City, State, Zip> give to Student Support Network <a specific amount or a specific percentage of the estate or a description of the specific property to be given>, to be used for <the unrestricted use of Student Support Network to advance its mission or for the specific restricted purpose described here (please include a description of your specific purpose)>.



A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple arrangement in which you would transfers cash (or other assets) to Student Support Network in exchange for a commitment by Student Support Network to pay you (or other beneficiaries) a guaranteed amount each year for a specified term or for life.  Then, at the death of the beneficiary, Student Support Network will put the principal to work to advance its mission in accordance with the terms of the gift.



Charitable Trusts are relatively simple ways to either benefit you now and Student Support Network later or benefit Student Support Network now and you (or your family) later.  You may:

  • Transfer cash or other assets (such as, appreciated stock) to be held in a charitable trust that would provide payments to you (or other beneficiaries), at least quarterly, amounting to five percent (or more) of the principal in the trust.  Then, at the death of the beneficiary, the remaining balance would transfer to Student Support Network to fulfill your intended purpose.


  • Create a charitable trust that makes payments to Student Support Network for a set number of years (or for your life) – according to your wishes – and then, after this period of payments concludes, the remaining balance would be distributed either back to you or to beneficiaries you name in the trust document.



If you have a question or would like more information about ways to give to Student Support Network, please call Wendy Stringfellow at 443-377-1959 or e-mail wendy@studentsupportnetwork.org.  Thank you for your support of Student Support Network.