The Student Support Network would not exist without volunteers! Hundreds of caring individuals consistently give of their time each year to support local students, providing value far beyond what we would be able to with staff alone. 

Ready to get involved? Here are some things we need help with right now.

  • Advocacy: Raise your voice on behalf of students in need! Visit our Advocacy page to learn more about how the Network advocates for kids and to join our Advocacy Committee.
  • Collecting Donations of Items: If you’re a natural connector, this may be the job for you. Put the word out to your community when coats, backpacks, or food is needed, and offer up your home as a local drop-off spot for your friends and neighbors.
  • Event Planning: Calling all party people! We have events from time to time and love to have input and assistance from our community.
  • Fundraising: Let’s put some “fun” in fundraising! Join us in our peer-to-peer fundraising efforts — it’s easier than you might think to ask, when it’s a cause you care about!
  • Sorting and Stocking Donations: Some people lay on the beach to relax, others organize! If you’re the latter, join us at our storage space at Goucher College to sort the items we’ll distribute to students and keep our inventory up to date.
  • Transporting Donations to Schools: Put that minivan to good use! We occasionally need drivers to load up their trunks with donated items and transport them from our storage area at Goucher College to Network schools. Soon they’ll be in the hands of students!

Volunteer Interest Form

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