Loch Raven Technical Academy Network

Loch Raven Technical Academy

8101 Lasalle Road

Towson, MD 21286

Lead Volunteers: Stephanie Goldstein and Jessica Wodarczyk

Loch Raven Technical Academy joined the Student Support Network in March, 2019.

Founded in 1961, Loch Raven Technical Academy has students in grades 6-8 with a current enrollment of 819 students. Of these, 73% live in severe poverty: 601 students qualify for Free Meals, 369 depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and 14 students are currently identified as homeless.  Many others live in families who make too much to qualify for meal assistance, but not enough to make ends meet.

The lead volunteers of the Loch Raven Academy Network are Stephanie Goldstein and Jessica Wodarczyk, who work with school staff to fulfill student needs and stock and organize the room for students, now known as the Raven Center.


Loch Raven Technical Academy (Joined 2018)

Enrollment: 819 students

601 students qualify for Free Meals, 73% of all students

369 students depend on SNAP benefits

14 students currently experiencing homelessness




Genna Kranitz, School Social Worker, In the “Raven Center”