Cockeysville Middle School Network

Cockeysville Middle School

10401 Greenside Drive

Cockeysville, MD 21030

Lead Volunteers: Kathryn Brayton and Joyce Mann

Cockeysville Middle School joined the Student Support Network in August, 2020.

Founded in 1967 after Baltimore County purchased the property from a farmer for $5.00, Cockeysville Middle School was renovated in 1974 and again in 2007.  The school has students in grades 6-8. 

The lead volunteers of the Cockeysville Middle Network are Kathryn Brayton and Joyce Mann, who work with school staff to fulfill student needs and stock and organize the room for students.

Cockeysville Middle School (Joined 2020)

Enrollment: 818 students

(as of October 2021)

349 students qualify for Free Meals, 43% of all students

179 students depend on SNAP benefits

students currently experiencing homelessness