BCPS And The Network See Dramatic Increase In Levels Of Need

Over the past 15 years, the percentage of BCPS students in low-income families* has increased by 60%, from 33% in 2006-07 to 53% in 2020-21. (*Students in low-income families are defined as those that qualify for free or reduced-price school meals, F/R).

📈All schools within the Network also experienced increases, many with dramatic spikes in the percentage of students in low-income families, including the following schools that experienced about a doubling, or more, of the rate of students in need:

Cockeysville Middle
Loch Raven High
Owings Mills High
Parkville High
Pine Grove Elementary
Pine Grove Middle

🔝Many schools have long experienced high levels of students in low-income families, including these schools with current rates above the 53% district average:

Baltimore Highlands Elementary
Battle Monument School
Halstead Academy
Loch Raven Tech Academy
Mars Estates Elementary
Owings Mills Elementary
Stemmers Run Middle

To see a graph charting this dramatic increase in need, click here.