A big announcement: The Loch Raven Network has now officially changed its name to Student Support Network, Inc.  The new name reflects our growth to three schools incorporating the Network’s financial structure.  We have also had two drives for food and clothing this year that have benefited 16 schools around the County.

We are so pleased to have volunteers and programs in these schools: Loch Raven High School (Loch Raven Network); Parkville High School (Parkville Network); and Pine Grove Middle School (the Pine Grove Middle Network).

The Network was started in 2015 and initially served impoverished students at Loch Raven High School by providing food, clothing, toiletries, and other items requested for students by school staff.  We are thrilled with the progress we’ve made in a little over two years!   Donors have the option of giving to an individual school Network, or to the Student Support Network that provides support for all three schools.

Some great pictures: Christina Pumphrey, PTSA President at Pine Grove Middle, in “the Grove” closet with items for students in need; a note from a student at Parkville High School grateful for shoes,and a note from a homeless senior at Loch Raven High School who was able to go to college because the Network funded part of his college deposit.

These and many more successes have been possible through generous donations to the Network. Thank you!