Class Matters, Do Good to Those Who Are Close to You

Neither Baltimore County nor The Hereford Zone are immune to poverty, food insecurity and homelessness, as any reader of this column has recently discovered. But government programs, non-governmental organizations, the faith-based community and even individuals —…

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Class Matters, Not Much Is Needed To Reduce Not Enough

Ah, autumn. The time for celebrating the bountiful harvest, giving thanks for plenty and decorating with pumpkins, corn shocks and the obligatory cornucopia centerpiece. But for nearly half of Baltimore County school students, it’s just another season of not enough —…

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Class Matters, Back to School Means Back to Lunch for Many

Going back to school means different things to different kids. For some, it’s seeing friends again after a long summer apart. For others, it’s a last desperate push to bulk up that college application. And for still others, it’s time to participate in varsity sports,…

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