Need Support?

We’re glad you visited our page to find support during a challenging time.

If you have a child at one of our Network schools, please contact the school social worker to guide you on how to access our Room of Support at the school, as well as other resources that may be of assistance.

If you do not have a child at one of our Network schools, we encourage you to contact your child’s school Social Worker for assistance.


In addition, resources are available in Maryland, with some in Baltimore County specifically, for residents in need of assistance.  Please note — the organizations listed below are not directly affiliated with the Student Support Network.

Both the Baltimore County Department of Social Services and the Maryland Department of Human Services have programs and services to assist families in need.  Programs include: 

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/Food Assistance
    • Homelessness Prevention Program
    • Temporary Cash Assistance
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Assistance with utilities, child care and more.


Baltimore County Resources 

Baltimore County Department of Social Services:

Phone: 410-853-3000

An organization chart with service departments noted is available at:


Maryland Resources

Maryland Department of Human Services:

Phone: 1-800-332-6347


Additional Resources and Information: